Thank you for your interest in Lookaway Golf Club. We believe the Founders of our Club created a very special golf environment here in the heart of Bucks County and on the site of the original Lookaway Dairy Farm. We hope that the information contained throughout our website will start to share with you what we have come to love about Lookaway.

Lookaway is a "private equity" Club, meaning each member is a part owner of the Club. The membership / purchase process is managed by our Club's Membership Committee. If you are interested and would like further information, please contact our Club Office at 215-794-5727 with your contact information and they will forward it on to the committee. Please make sure that you give them how you would like to be contacted and a preferred time to be reached. As the process progresses, an application form is utilized, it is reviewed by the Membership Committee and ultimitely presented to our Board of Directors for approval. You are then notified of the decision soon thereafter and next steps are communicated.

Below are links to some of the forms utilized during the membership / purchase process. Included is the membership application and a designee application. This application is utilized when a Partner takes a Leave of Absense from the Club and designates their membership for a period of time. Availability and details of this program are available from your Membership Committee contact.

Again, thank you for your interest in Lookaway and we hope that you will soon be playing at one of Golf Digest’s Top Rated Courses in Pennsylvania and the only one in Bucks County.


Dave Jenkins

David Jenkins
Membership Chairman
215-340-3690 (Day Time)

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